The Guide to M&A Arbitration - 4th Edition

The Guide to M&A Arbitration - 4th Edition

Pages: 298

ISBN: 978-1-83862-909-0

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M&A disputes can be unique in their hostility and complexity. The M&A Arbitration Guide – published by Global Arbitration Review – is a practical guide on what merger parties should think about when it comes to disputes. It pools the wisdom of specialists on how to prevent these disputes arising and how best to resolve them when it is too late. The guide is structured in two sections. Part I consists of 10 chapters on planning and procedural issues, covering everything from drafting clauses to how to structure contracts to minimise the potential for disputes. Part II offers a geographical survey of important differences in national laws that may affect the outcome of a dispute. It is written by 39 specialists from a variety of backgrounds and takes a practical approach throughout.


  • Introduction
    Amy C Kläsener
    Jones Day

Part I: Part I: Key Issues in M&A Arbitration

  • Drafting Arbitration Clauses in M&A Agreements
    Anne Véronique Schlaepfer and Alexandre Mazuranic
  • M&A Arbitrations involving Multiple Parties and Contracts
    Yan Zhang and Nathaniel Lai
  • Conflicts between Expert Determination Clauses and Arbitration Clauses
    Wolfgang Peter and Daniel Greineder
  • Special Issues in Connection with Warranty and Indemnity Insurance
    Amy C Kläsener and Thomas H Webster
  • The Role of the Quantum Expert in M&A Disputes
    Andrew Grantham, Kai Schumacher and Greg Huitson-Little
  • Managing Expert Determinations
    Sandy Cowan, Fiona Frith and Alexandra Kingston
  • Third-Party Funding in International Arbitration
    Hussein Haeri, Clàudia Baró Huelmo and Giacomo Gasparotti
  • Resolution of Purchase Price Disputes in M&A Transactions
    William S Dudzinsky, Lance J Phillips, Amy Chen and Michael Mannino
  • Accounts Warranties
    Chris Drewe, Patricia Moroney and James Fox
  • Drafting M&A Contracts to Minimise the Risk of Disputes
    Jonathan M Moses

Part II: Part II: Survey of Substantive Laws

  • China
    Yan Zhang, Friven Yeoh and Michael Wang
  • Germany
    Michael Rohls
  • Italy
    Alessandro Scagliarini
  • South Korea
    Chul-Won Lee, Una Cho and Ji Hwan Kim
  • Switzerland
    Michael Bösch and Patrick Rohn
  • United Kingdom
    William Hooker, Irene Ding and Lydia Redman
  • United States
    Matthew J Weldon and Thomas A Warns
  • How the Choice of Substantive Law for M&A Contracts can Affect M&A Disputes
    Amy C Kläsener