The Guide to Life Sciences- Second Edition

The Guide to Life Sciences- Second Edition

Pages: 267

ISBN: 978-1-80449-264-2

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The life sciences industry – and the inherent tension between protecting innovation and a healthy competition space – continues to command attention from regulators. Edited by Ingrid Vandenborre and Caroline Janssens, the second edition of the Guide to Life Sciences provides practical and timely guidance for both practitioners and enforcers trying to navigate this high-stakes, fast-moving environment. The Guide draws on the wisdom and expertise of distinguished practitioners from around the globe to provide essential guidance on subjects as diverse as biosimilar competition and product denigration, as well as a forensic examination of the world’s most significant and far-reaching regulations and decisions.


  • Introduction
  • An Economist’s Perspective on Exploitative Abuse of Dominant Position and Excluding Competitors Through Killer Acquisitions
  • Growing EU and UK Regulatory Interest in Alleged Excessive Pricing
  • An Economic Outlook on Biosimilar Competition in Europe
  • FCA Product Denigration Decisions and Their Impact in Europe
  • Procedural Issues with Merger Control Across Europe
  • Recent Developments in the Analysis of Life Sciences Mergers
  • A Practitioner’s Perspective on Cooperative Agreements in Europe
  • Australia: ACCC’s Enforcement and Merger Reform Approach Could Foreshadow Increased Scrutiny
  • European Union: Commission Intensifies Merger Review Focus on Pipeline Products and Pay-for-Delay Cases in the Spotlight
  • Germany and Austria: Post-Pandemic Collaboration on the Rise Amid Merger Control Legislation Shifts
  • Italy: Antitrust Pioneer Continues to Break Ground on Theories of Harm
  • Switzerland: Regulatory Changes and Mutual Market Access Problems with European Union set to Alter Competitive Environment
  • United Kingdom: a Key Jurisdiction for Competition Law Compliance
  • United States: Trends of Agency Scrutiny on Pharmaceutical Transactions Expected to Shift Amid Rise in Deal Activity