The Guide to Life Sciences- First Edition

The Guide to Life Sciences- First Edition

Pages: 286

ISBN: 978-1-83862-882-6

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The covid-19 pandemic – and the amount of public money that governments are spending on healthcare – has thrust the life sciences industry into the nternational spotlight, with debates over price controls and IP waivers making headlines around the world. While many of these concerns are global, the same is not always true of the solutions adopted by national regulators.The first edition of The Guide to Life Sciences – edited by Ingrid Vandenborre and Caroline Janssens – provides practical and timely guidance for both practitioners and enforcers trying to navigate this high-stakes environment. The Guide draws on the wisdom and expertise of distinguished practitioners globally to provide essential guidance on subjects as diverse as biosimilar competition and product denigration, as well as a forensic examination of the most signifi cant and far-reaching regulations and decisions from around the world.


  • Introduction
  • An Economist’s Perspective
  • Excessive Pricing
  • Biosimilar Competition: an Economist’s Perspective
  • Product Denigration
  • Merger Control: Procedural Issues
  • Merger Control: Substantive Issues
  • Cooperative Agreements: a Private Practitioner’s Perspective
  • Australia: ACCC’s Focus on Conduct Could Have Far-Reaching Implications
  • European Union: Commission Still at the Forefront, While Pay-for-Delay Cases Set New Precedents
  • France: FCA Increases Scrutiny Over the Sector
  • Germany and Austria: Post-Covid Collaboration is on the Rise in this Key Economic Sector
  • Italy: Antitrust Pioneer Continues to Break Ground on Theories of Harm
  • Netherlands: Price and Supply Security Remain Regulator’s Top Priorities
  • Switzerland: Merger Control Reform Could Have Big Impact, Especially for ‘National’ Markets
  • United Kingdom: a Key Jurisdiction for Competition Law Compliance
  • United States: FTC Looks Set to Open up New Enforcement Front

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