The Guide to Evidence in International Arbitration, 1st Edition

The Guide to Evidence in International Arbitration, 1st Edition

Pages: 234

ISBN: 978-1-83862-577-1

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Nearly every arbitration involves the taking of evidence. The applicable procedures affect what evidence is introduced and how. This can, and often is, outcome determinative. Thus, procedural questions around the process for taking evidence are some of the most common and the most important in arbitration.

The Guide to Evidence in International Arbitration draws together a group of highly experienced practitioners who address the issues surrounding evidence in international arbitration, from the strategic, cultural and ethical questions it can throw up to the specifics of certain situations.



 1. Introduction, Amy C Kläsener, Martin Magál and Joseph E Neuhaus


  1.  Approaches to Evidence across Legal Cultures, Jalal El Ahdab, Pablo Berenguer, Michael Chik, Jonathan Choo, Jiri Jaeger, Nicholas Peacock, Lucas Pitts and Gavin Zuo
  2. The 2020 IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration: A History and Discussion of the 2020 Revisions, Joseph E Neuhaus, Andrew J Finn and David S Blackman
  3. The Prague Rules: Fresh Prospects for Designing a Bespoke Process, Janet Walker
  4. Party and Counsel Ethics in the Taking of Evidence, Amy C Kläsener and Courtney Lotfi
  5. Approaches to Managing Evidence as Criteria for Selecting Arbitrators, Michael McIlwrath
  6. Planning and Organising Effective Procedures for Taking Evidence, Beata Gessel-Kalinowska vel Kalisz, Joanna Kisielin´ska-Garncarek, Barbara Tomczyk and Łukasz Ostas
  7. Evidentiary ObjectionsCinzia Catelli and Romana Brueggemann
  8. Standards of Proof and Requirements for Evidence in Special SituationsMichael Hwang SC and Clarissa Chern
  9. Perspectives on Document Disclosure, Jonatan Baier, Bernhard Meyer, Dominik Vock and Emina Husic
  10. Presenting Evidence in Briefs, Moritz Keller, Tim Schreiber, Paul Hauser and Sarah Lemoine
  11. Using Technology and e-DisclosureKimberly Larkin, Julia Sherman, Kelly Renehan and Anish Patel
  12. Managing Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Issues, Erik G W Schäfer
  13. Methods for Presenting Expert EvidenceDoug Jones AO
  14. Best Practices for Presenting Quantum Evidence, Alexander Demuth, Laura Hardin and Trevor Dick
  15. Special Issues Arising when Taking Evidence from State Parties, Stefan Riegler, Dalibor Valinčić and Oleg Temnikov
  16. Special Mechanisms for Obtaining Evidence, Anna Masser, Lucia Raimanová, Kendall Pauley and Peter Plachý

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