The Guide to Cyber Investigations - Edition 3

The Guide to Cyber Investigations - Edition 3

Pages: 265

ISBN: 978-1-80449-253-6

  • $250.00

Data breaches and similar incidents pose a unique challenge – those targeted must both respond and investigate simultaneously. It is an art that is impossible without preparation.

Businesses wishing to prepare will find this volume, The Guide to Cyber Investigations, invaluable. It identifies every issue to consider when creating a response template and implementing it, giving both the law and plenty of practical and tactical advice.

Written by leading contributors, all with broad experience of serious data incidents, it is an indispensable desktop guide and a worthy companion to GIR’s larger volume on cross-border investigations, The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations.


Introduction: Preventing, Mitigating and Responding to Data Breaches
Benjamin A Powell and Shannon Togawa Mercer

Part I: A ‘Typical’ Cyber Investigation

  • The ‘Art’ of Investigating: Responding and Investigating at the Same Time and Overseeing a Privileged Forensic Investigation
    Benjamin A Powell , Jason C Chipman and Shannon Togawa Mercer
  • Regulatory Compliance in the Context of a Cross-border Data Breach
    Evan Norris and Jennifer S Leete
  • Insurance
    Richard DeNatale and Brian McDonald
  • Cyber and Data Privacy Due Diligence
    Megan Gordon, Daniel Silver, Benjamin Berringer and Brian Yin
  • Cyber Investigations in the Healthcare Sector
    David C Rybicki, Gina L Bertolini and John H Lawrence

Part II: Jurisdictional, Regional and Sectoral Nuances

  • US Litigation Considerations and Landscape
    Kevin Angle and Briana Fasone
  • FTC Investigations and Multistate AG Investigations
    Benjamin A Powell, Kirk Nahra and Ariel E Dobkin
  • Cyber Trends and Investigations in Europe: A Practitioner’s Perspective
    Rohan Massey, Kevin Angle and Edward Machin
  • Investigations in England and Wales: A Practitioners’ Perspective
    Michael Drury, Julian Hayes and Samuel McCann
  • Australia
  • Dennis Miralis, Lara Khider, Mohamed Naleemudeen and Arman Salehirad
  • Japan
    Daisuke Yamaguchi, Takashi Nakazaki and Atsushi Nishitani

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