The Guide to Challenging and Enforcing Arbitration Awards - 3rd Edition

The Guide to Challenging and Enforcing Arbitration Awards - 3rd Edition

Pages: 978

ISBN: 978-1-80449-248-2

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Enforcement used to be a non-issue in international arbitration. Most losing parties simply paid. Not so any more. The time spent on post-award matters has increased vastly, and challenges to awards have become the norm.

The Challenging and Enforcing Arbitration Awards Guide is a comprehensive volume that addresses this new reality. It offers practical know-how on both sides of the coin: challenging and enforcing awards. Part I provides a full thematic overview, while Part II delves into the specifics seat by seat, now covering 29 jurisdictions.



  • Preface
    J William Rowley KC

Part I: Selected Issues

  • Awards: Early-Stage Consideration of Enforcement Issues
    Sally-Ann Underhill and M Cristina Cárdenas
  • The Arbitral Award: Form, Content, Effect
    Venus Valentina Wong and Dalibor Valinčić
  • Awards: Challenges
    Shaparak Saleh and Etienne Vimal du Monteil
  • Arbitrability and Public Policy Challenges
    Penny Madden KC and Ceyda Knoebel
  • Jurisdictional Challenges
    James Collins, James Glaysher, Petar Petkov, Lilit Nagapetyan and
  • Mukami Kuria
  • Due Process and Procedural Irregularities
    Juliya Arbisman, Alexandre Genest and Emmanuel Giakoumakis
  • Awards: Challenges Based on Misuse of Tribunal Secretaries
    Chloe J Carswell and Lucy Winnington-Ingram
  • Substantive Grounds for Challenge
    John Terry, Emily Sherkey, T Ryan Lax and Chris Kinnear Hunter
  • Enforcement under the New York Convention
    Emmanuel Gaillard† and Benjamin Siino
  • Enforcement of Interim Measures
    James E Castello and Rami Chahine
  • Prevention of Asset Stripping: Worldwide Freezing Orders
    Damian Honey, Nicola Gare and Caroline West
  • Grounds to Refuse Enforcement
    Sébastien Fries, Martin Molina, Annemarie Streuli and
  • Denise Wohlwend
  • Admissibility of New Evidence When Seeking Set-Aside
    Joel E Richardson and Sue Hyun Lim
  • ICSID Awards
    Christopher P Moore, Laurie Achtouk-Spivak and Zeïneb Bouraoui
  • Enforcement Strategies where the Opponent is a Sovereign
    Alexander A Yanos and Kristen K Bromberek

Part II: Jurisdictional Know-How

  • Argentina
    José A Martínez de Hoz and Francisco A Amallo
  • Austria
    Patrizia Netal, Florian Haugeneder and Natascha Tunkel
  • Belgium
    Hakim Boularbah, Olivier van der Haegen and Anaïs Mallien
  • Canada
    Mathieu Piché-Messier, Karine Fahmy, Ira Nishisato and Hugh Meighen
  • Chile
    Francesco Campora Gatica and Juan Pablo Letelier Ballocchi
  • China
    Xianglin Chen
  • England and Wales
    Oliver Marsden and Rebecca Zard
  • France
    Christophe Seraglini and Camille Teynier
  • Germany
    Boris Kasolowsky and Carsten Wendler
  • Hong Kong
    Tony Dymond, Cameron Sim and Lillian Wong
  • India
    Sanjeev K Kapoor and Saman Ahsan
  • Italy
    Massimo Benedettelli and Marco Torsello
  • Malaysia
    Tan Sri Dato’ Cecil W M Abraham, Aniz Ahmad Amirudin and Shabana Farhaana Amirudin
  • Mexico
    Cecilia Flores Rueda
  • Netherlands
    Marnix Leijten, Erin Cronjé, Abdel Zirar and Eva Koopman
  • Nigeria
    Gbolahan Elias, Ayodeji Adeyanju and Larry Nkwor
  • Poland
    Piotr Sadownik, Krzysztof Ciepliński and Małgorzata Tuleja
  • Russia
    Natalia Gulyaeva
  • Singapore
    Kohe Hasan, Min Jian Chan and Anand Tiwari
  • South Korea
    Young Suk Park, Byung Chul Kim, Seulgi Oh and Woo Ji Kim
  • Spain
    Pablo Martínez Llorente and Daniel Rodriguez Galve
  • Sweden
    Björn Tude, Daniel Waerme, Oscar Nyrén and Martin Bengtsson
  • Switzerland
    Franz Stirnimann Fuentes, Jean Marguerat, James F Reardon and Tomás Navarro Blakemore
  • Thailand
    Michael Ramirez, Noppramart Thammateeradaycho and Anyamani Yimsaard
  • Turkey
    Asena Aytuğ Keser and Direnç Bada
  • Ukraine
    Pavlo Byelousov and Ksenia Koriukalova
  • United Arab Emirates
    Muhammad Mohsin Naseer
  • United States
    Elliot Friedman, David Y Livshiz and Paige von Mehren
  • Vietnam
    Nguyen Trung Nam and Nguyen Van Son

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