The Guide to Arbitration in Latin America - 1st Edition

The Guide to Arbitration in Latin America - 1st Edition

Pages: 338

ISBN: 978-1-83862-867-3

  • $313.00

Edited by José Astigarraga of Reed Smith LLP and containing the knowledge and experience of 48 other leading practitioners from throughout the region, Latin Lawyer and Global Arbitration Review are delighted to publish The Guide to International Arbitration in Latin America.

It provides guidance that will benefi t all arbitration specialists in Latin America, one of the most important regions in the world for international arbitration, drawing on the expertise of highly sophisticated practitioners to draw out trends and give practitioners the tools they need to navigate the arbitration marketplace in the region today.



José Astigarraga

Part I: International Arbitration in Latin America 

  1. ICSID Arbitration in Latin America, Gary Born and Claudio Salas
  2. The New York Convention in Latin America, Álvaro López de Argumedo Piñeiro, Jana Lamas de Mesa, Ana Amorín Fernández and Alberto de Unzurrunzaga Rubio
  3. Constitutions Meet Arbitration in Latin America, Eduardo Silva Romero and Javier Echeverri Díaz
  4. Arbitration of Corruption Issues in Latin American Disputes, Ari D MacKinnon, Katie L Gonzalez, Elisa Zavala and Roberta T Mayerle
  5. Mining Disputes in Latin America, Henry G Burnett and Craig S Miles
  6. Why Arbitrate in Latin America?, Cecilia Azar and Paola Aldrete
  7. The Rise of Regional Centres in Latin America, Cristina Cárdenas, Arturo Muñoz Holguin and Daniel Ávila
  8. The State of Dispute Funding in Latin America, Annie Lespérance, Daniela Raz and Leticia Goñi

Part II: Key Jurisdictions

  1. International Commercial Arbitration in Argentina, Ricardo A Ostrower, Martín Vainstein and Victoria Rodríguez Goyena
  2. International Commercial Arbitration in Bolivia, Andrés Moreno Gutierrez and René Claure Veizaga
  3. International Commercial Arbitration in Brazil, Lucas Mejias, Fernando Eduardo Serec, Antonio Marzagão Barbuto Neto and Maria Isabel de Sá Dias Machado
  4. International Commercial Arbitration in Chile, Felipe Ossa, Felipe de Marinis and Martín Álvarez
  5. International Commercial Arbitration in Colombia, Daniel Posse Velásquez, Carolina Posada Isaacs and Laura Vengoechea Ballesteros
  6. International Commercial Arbitration in the Dominican Republic, Andrés E Bobadilla and Gabriella M Muñiz Bobadilla
  7. International Commercial Arbitration in Ecuador, Rodrigo Jijón-Letort, Juan Manuel Marchán, Javier Jaramillo-Troya and Camila Boriz Carrasco
  8. International Commercial Arbitration in Mexico, Francisco Rivero and Eduardo J De la Peña Bernal
  9. International Commercial Arbitration in Peru, Mauricio Raffo, Luis Alonso Navarro and José Luis Repetto

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