The Guide to Anti-Money Laundering - Edition 1

The Guide to Anti-Money Laundering - Edition 1

Pages: 221

ISBN: 978-1-80449-255-0

  • $260.00

The Guide to Anti-Money Laundering is one of the first volumes to tackle both sides of the money laundering conundrum simultaneously. It covers enforcement trends around the world in Part I and compliance trends in Part II – with specific practical advice for corporations and their counsel throughout. It is an addition to GIR’s technical library – made famous by The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations – that now includes guides to, among other things, monitorships, compliance and sanctions.


Sharon Cohen Levin

Part I: Global Money Laundering Enforcement Trends

  • Recent Trends in US Money Laundering Prosecutions
    Kan M Nawaday, Evan T Shea, Xochitl S Strohbehn and Theresa M Van Vliet
  • Recent Trends in Money Laundering Prosecutions in Latin America
    Raymundo Soberanis Cortez and Diego Ignacio Sierra Laris
  • Recent Trends in Asia-Pacific Anti-Money Laundering
    Pardeep Khosa and Charles Mo
  • Money Laundering and International Corruption
    Zachary Goldman, Erin Sloane, Emily Stark and Jason Raymond
  • Money Laundering through Digital Assets
    Sharon Cohen Levin, Anthony Lewis, Kamil Shields and Tracy Nelson Wirth
  • Trade-Based Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
    Douglas Greenburg, Eric S Volkman, Benjamin Naftalis and Alli Hugi

Part II: Issues, Trends and Challenges in AML Enforcement

  • AML Compliance for Cryptocurrency and other Virtual Assets
    Stella Mendes, Andrew Rosini, Jaco Sadie and Keenan Mahoney
  • Challenges for Global Financial Institutions under Conflicting Legal Regimes
    Britt Mosman, Laura Jehl, David Mortlock and Josh Nelson
  • The EU Legal Framework: Challenges and Opportunities for Financial Institutions
    Jean-Paule Castagno, Andrea Alfonso Stigliano
    and Chiara Bettinzoli
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    Morgan Heavener, Jean Barrère, Roberto Maluf
    and Jeremy Sitruk
  • Representing Financial Institutions in Global Multi-Agency AML Investigations
    Kyle Wombolt, Susannah Cogman, Jonathan Mattout,
    John O’Donnell and Stuart Paterson
  • The Role of Forensics
    G Elaine Wood, Brad Dragoon and Noah Genovesi

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