The Guide to Advocacy, 6th Edition

The Guide to Advocacy, 6th Edition

Pages: 481

ISBN: 978-1-80449-259-8

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Successful advocacy is always a challenge. Throw in different languages, a matrix of (exotic) laws and differing cultural backgrounds as well and you have advocacy in international arbitration.

Global Arbitration Review’s The Guide to Advocacy is for lawyers who wish to transcend these obstacles and be as effective in the international sphere as they are used to being elsewhere. Aimed at practitioners of all backgrounds and at all levels of experience, this Guide covers everything from case strategy to the hard skills of written advocacy and cross-examination, and much more. It also contains the wit and wisdom on advocacy of more than 40 practising arbitrators, including some of the world’s biggest names in this field.


  • Introduction
    Stephen Jagusch kC, Philippe Pinsolle and Alexander G Leventhal
  • Case Strategy and Preparation for Effective Advocacy
    Colin Ong QC
  • Written Advocacy
    Thomas K Sprange QC
  • The Initial Hearing
    Grant Hanessian
  • Opening Submissions
    Franz T Schwarz
  • Direct and Re-Direct Examination
    Anne Véronique Schlaepfer
  • Cross-Examination of Fact Witnesses: The Civil Law Perspective
    Philippe Pinsolle
  • Cross-Examination of Fact Witnesses: The Common Law Perspective
    Stephen Jagusch QC
  • Cross-Examination of Experts
    David Roney
  • The Role of the Expert in Advocacy
    Luke Steadman
  • Closing Arguments
    Hilary Heilbron kC and Klaus Reichert SC
  • Tips for Second-Chairing an Oral Argument
  • Oril Valenti
  • Advocacy in Virtual Hearings
    Kap-You (Kevin) Kim, John P Bang and Mino Han
  • Cultural Considerations in Advocacy: East Meets West
    Alvin Yeo SC, Chou Sean Yu and frank oh sheng loong
  • Cultural Considerations in Advocacy: United States
    Amal Bouchenaki
  • Cultural Considerations in Advocacy: Spanish-Speaking Latin America
    Cecilia Azar, Santiago Cervantes and Ana sofia Mosqeda
  • Cultural Considerations in Advocacy in Latin America: Brazil
    Karina Goldberg
  • Cultural Considerations in Advocacy: French-Speaking Africa
    Wesley Pydiamah 
  • Cultural Considerations in Advocacy: Portuguese-Speaking Africa
    Rui Andrade and Catarina Carvalho Cunha
  • Cultural Considerations in Advocacy: Continental Europe
    Torsten Lörcher
  • Cultural Considerations in Advocacy: Russia and Eastern Europe
    Anna Grishchenkova
  • Cultural Considerations in Advocacy: India
    Montek mayal
  • Advocacy against an Absent Adversary
    John M Townsend and James H Boykin
  • Advocacy in Investment Treaty Arbitration
    Tai-Heng Cheng and Simón Navarro González
  • Advocacy in Construction Arbitration
    James Bremen and Elizabeth Wilson
  • Arbitration Advocacy and Criminal Matters: The Arbitration Advocate as Master of Strategy
    Juan P Morillo, Gabriel F Soledad and Alexander G Leventhal