The Guide to Sanctions - Fourth Edition

The Guide to Sanctions - Fourth Edition

Pages: 535

ISBN: 978-1-80449-256-7

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We live in a new era for sanctions. More states are using them, in more creative (and often unilateral) ways.

This, alas, creates complication for the rest of us. Hitherto no book has addressed the complexities that businesses and their advisers must address by dint of this proliferation in a structured way. GIR’s The Guide to Sanctions fills that gap. Written by contributors from the small but expanding field of sanctions enforcement, it dissects the topic in a practical fashion, from every stakeholder’s perspective, and is an invaluable resource.


Neil Whiley

Rachel Barnes QC, Paul Feldberg and Nicholas Turner


Part I: Sanctions and Export Control Regimes Around the World

  • EU Restrictive Measures
    Renato Antonini, Eva Monard, Byron Maniatis and Elli Zachari
  • EU Sanctions Enforcement
    Stéphane Bonifassi and Julie Bastien
  • UK Sanctions
    Paul Feldberg, Robert Dalling, Karam Jardaneh and Anna Gaudoin
  • UK Sanctions Enforcement
    Rachel Barnes KC, Ben Summers, Patrick Hill and Ciju Puthuppally
  • US Sanctions
    John D Buretta and Megan Y Lew
  • US Sanctions Enforcement by OFAC and DOJ
    David Mortlock, Britt Mosman, Nikki Cronin and Ahmad El-Gamal
  • Export Controls in the European Union
    Anahita Thoms
  • Export Controls in the United Kingdom
    Tristan Grimmer, Ben Smith and Sophie Armstrong
  • Export Controls in the United States
    Meredith Rathbone and Ryan Pereira
  • Sanctions in Latin America
    Eric J Kadel, Jr and Jacob M Marco
  • Impact of US, UK and EU Sanctions and Export Controls in the Asia-Pacific Region
    Wendy Wysong and Ali Burney
  • Developments in the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong
    Qing Ren, Deming Zhao and Ningxin Huo
  • Practical Applications of International Sanctions and Export Controls in France
    Stéphane de Navacelle, Julie Zorrilla and Juliette Musso

Part II: Compliance Programmes

  • Principled Guide to Sanctions Compliance Programmes
    Zia Ullah and Victoria Turner
  • Sanctions Screening: Challenges and Control Considerations
    Charlie Steele, Gerben Schreurs, Weng Yee Ng and Jona Boscolo Cappon

Part III: Sanctions in Practice

  • Sanctions Issues Arising in Corporate Transactions
    Barbara D Linney and Orga Cadet
  • Key Sanctions Issues in Civil Litigation and Arbitration
    Satindar Dogra, Kerstin Wilhelm, Sterling Darling and James Bowen
  • Issues Arising for Financial Institutions and Regulated Entities
    John Bedford, Andris Ivanovs and Navpreet Moonga
  • Sanctions and Export Controls Considerations for Higher Education and Research Institutions
    Ama Adams, Emerson Siegle, Junsuk Lee and Brendan Hanifin
  • Impacts of Sanctions and Export Controls on Supply Chains
    Alex J Brackett, J Patrick Rowan, Jason H Cowley, Laura C Marshall, Edwin O Childs, Jr and Elissa N Baur
  • Practical Issues in Cyber-Related Sanctions
    Timothy O’Toole, Christopher Stagg, FeiFei Ren, Caroline Watson, Manuel Levitt and Samuel Cutler
  • The Role of Forensics in Sanctions Investigations
    Leilei Wu, Bridget Johnson, Christine Sohar Henter and Michelle Rosario
  • Representing Designated Persons: A UK Lawyer’s Perspective
    Anna Bradshaw and Alistair Jones
  • Representing Designated Persons: A US Lawyer’s Perspective
    Farhad Alavi and Sam Amir Toossi

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