The Guide to Compliance - Edition 1

The Guide to Compliance - Edition 1

Pages: 269

ISBN: 978-1-83862-868-0

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The Guide to Compliance is the first volume to tackle the compliance side of the enforcement equation in a systematic way. It combines a tour d’horizon of the rules in place around the world with specific practical advice for corporations and their counsel, and scan of the horizon in parts two and three. It is part of the GIR technical library that has grown out of the Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations and now includes guides to, among other things, monitorships and sanctions.


Johanna Walsh, Alejandra Montenegro Almonte and Alison Pople QC

Part I: Global Compliance Requirements and Enforcement

  • UK Compliance Requirements
    Niki Stephens, Alison Geary, Min Weaving and Elizabeth Hope Mishcon De Reya
  • UK Compliance Enforcement
    Alison Pople QC and Kathryn Arnot Drummond
  • US Compliance Requirements
    Alejandra Montenegro Almonte, Ann K Sultan and FeiFei (Andrea) Ren
  • US Compliance Enforcement
    Kara Brockmeyer, Ivona Josipovic, Andreas A Glimenakis and Berk Guler
  • Asia-Pacific Compliance Requirements
    Kyle Wombolt, Pamela Kiesselbach, Valerie Tao and Antony Crockett
  • Asia-Pacific Compliance Enforcement
    Mini vandePol, Christine Cuthbert, Gerald Lam, Andrea Kan and Yuki Yung
  • Latin America Compliance Requirements
    Daniel S Kahn
  • Latin America Compliance Enforcement: Argentina, Brazil and Mexico
    Maximiliano D'Auro, Rodrigo Allende, Eloy Rizzo, André Luis Leme, Victoria Teles Manhães Barreto Arcos, Carlos Chávez and Marianela Romero

Part II: Compliance Issues in Practice

  • Navigating Global Compliance Issues
    Ali Sallaway, Zara Merali, Daniel Travers and Xin Liu
  • Compliance Issues in Corporate Transactions
    Georgie Farrant, Gareth Austin, Michelle Rae Heisner and Andrew Martin
  • The Role of Audit and Monitoring in Compliance
    Sara Shaner, Shelly Mady and Jean-Michel Ferat

Part III: Emerging Compliance Fields

  • Compliance Issues in Cryptocurrency
    Kayvan B Sadeghi and Lawrence W McMahon
  • Compliance Issues in Environmental, Social and Governance Matters
    Matthew Ewens, Charlotte Wilson and Christopher Gribbin
  • Understanding and Shaping Organisational Culture to Disrupt the Cycle of Misconduct
    Zachary Coseglia, Amanda Raad, Caitlin Handron, Leah Dowd, Jeffrey Irwin and Karina Thomas

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